Finger Strap Holder for Mobile Devices


  • Stop dropping mobile devices like phones, tablets and e-readers.
  • Reclaim the use of your hand for multitasking while ably holding a drink, suitcase, shopping bag, umbrella or stroller.
  • Perfect for when hands are full.

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Finger Strap Holder for Mobile Devices The Original Finger Strap for Mobile Devices. 

*goStrap is a patented mobile device accessory that is changing the way people use their mobile devices!

*goStrap augments the user’s grip to prevent expensive drops!

*Also and perhaps most importantly, goStrap gives you back the use of your hand, so that you can multitask and easily hold your device while also holding a drink, a shopping bag, a suitcase, stroller, umbrella or whatever!

*goStrap is compatible with virtually any mobile device such as phones tablets and e-readers and is weight tested to 1.5lbs!

*Hand-sewn interlocking anchor tabs ensure strength end durability. Many goStrap owners have goStraps that are years old! 

*Soft luxe rubberized coating feels great on skin and ensures velvety smooth flipping.

Manufactured by the inventor!




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