Baby Tooth Fairy Box


The Baby Tooth Fairy Box keeps your babies teeth safe, organized, and cherished for years to come. Definitely a nice memory for you and your little one!

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1)How to keep baby tooth
a) When the kids get about 6 year old, they are teeth are getting deciduous. The specific time varies in each case.
b) Put the extracted baby tooth in boiling water for around five minutes. 
c) Natural dry teeth. The sterilized teeth shall be put in a place with good ventilation. 
d) Keep a record. Write down related information

2)Warm Remind:
The tooth boxes are made of pure natural logs, no chemical substances added, and the wood grain on the surface is normal. There are no same two pieces of wood in the world, so the texture and color will be slightly different. Thank you for your understanding and support


A-Boy, A-Girl, B-Boy, B-Girl, C-Cat Claw


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